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Derniers Articles

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Business: What are your opportunities?

Machine learning is soon becoming a stale buzzword, after making the rounds in the mainstream media. Now, aritficial intelligence is quickly replacing it as the go-to tech goal for forward-minded companies, hoping to implement robust forecasting. Most decision-makers know better than to follow trends: they seek to understand what they mean and what are the opportunities. Yet, they cannot be expected to be experts in every domain, and thus may be forced, sometimes against their better judgement, to believe in the disruptive capacity of these new discoveries and take a gamble, as to whether their next move will be succesful. Read more ...

1 novembre 2018|

Is the quantum world real?

Quantum physics, the field in physics concerned with the behaviour of very small scale systems, has been so far, in many respects, a commendable success, finding many engineering applications, and refining our current knowledge of the fundamental laws of nature. Read more

19 octobre 2018|

De la radioactivité dans l’espace, et d’une matière invisible

C'était il y a plus de cent ans, au début du 20ème siècle. On venait de découvrir que certains éléments se désintègrent spontanément en émettant un rayonnement invisible: la radioactivité. Ces matériaux se trouvant naturellement dans la croûte terrestre, le sol sur lequel nous marchons est lui-même radioactif. On peut alors penser que si on s'en éloigne, par exemple en prenant l'avion, alors le rayonnement serait plus faible. Read more

16 octobre 2018|

Two birds with one stone: the Deutsch algorithm

Since the advent of quantum computing, there has been a certain shift on the perception of how we treat data. Quantum algorithms, in a sense, may allow to bypass some value-checking we may label as essential. Two quantum phenomena mainly form the basis of this logical shift: entanglement, which allows data points to have multiple values, and quantum interference, which allows the data points to influence each other1. This interdependency permits, via clever tricks in algorithm-making which algorithm designers are certainly used to, a sizeable reduction in time and space used for computation. Read more

25 juillet 2018|

Computers making art and procedural generation

With computer power steadily rising with time, and coding becoming a widespread skill, a peculiar hobby has spawned communities around the internet. Generative design, or creative coding, or how to make a computer create, is a subfield of procedural generation, which also includes works with less artistic aspirations. Using the full arsenal of mathematics, programmers-artists create works by only tangentially leading their computer towards the kind of work they want it to make; yet, the coveted goal of these endeavours is usually to have an artwork which looks human, natural. Read more

24 juillet 2018|

The great debate about falsifiability

On the first of April 2015 was published a quite humourous pamphlet1, touching the very serious topic of falsifiability in physics research. It expanded lightly upon a topic which, fundamentally, is part of the essence of research. In the paper, named somewhat poetically "A Farewell to Falsifiability", the authors jokingly made the following proposal: abandon the principle of falsifiability in physics theory developement, as "some of the most obviously correct theories [...] make no testable predictions". Read more

24 juillet 2018|
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