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Machine Learning for your Company


United by a common idea, our consultants studied science and engineering in the most prestigious science universities to apply their principles to the business world. We analyse the dynamics of your company in order to produce tailored solutions of business intelligence and automation.


In order to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, Peacock Solutions actively pursuits the fundamental research in artificial intelligence. The latest advances in terms of information technologies drive us to create  new predictive algorithms which will  give a real added value to your company’s data.

Peacock Solutions at l’EPFL Innovation Park

Peacock Solutions grows in
the heart of innovation.
Our presence on EPFL’s campus allows
us to make you benefit from the latest
technologies and the effervescence of
the scientific world.

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EPFL Innovation Park – BAP 113
Peacock Solutions
Chemin de la Raye 13
1024 Ecublens

How We Can Help

Forecasting & Predictions

Risk Prediction

Failure Detection

Churn Prediction

Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning Implementation

Key Performance Indicators

Metrology Applications

Anomaly & Trend Detection

Business Internal Cycles

Recommender Systems

User Behavior Analysis

Computer Vision

Facial Recognition

Object Detection

Object Classification

Text Processing

Sentiment Analysis

Topic Understanding

Conversational Agent

Software Engineering

Integration to Existing Processes

Deployment in Production

Automation Development

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